About Us

Gavyratan is an authentic establishment for the Indian indigenous cow breeds, which is working for a long time in this segment. Especially in the western part of the country, in Jaisalmer and Barmer district, the milk of the native cow of Tharparkar breed is the best for desi bilona ghee.

We are making an authentic effort to reachout market with the bilona desi ghee and other A2 pure ghee products for the society. Due to which the attraction is increasing with enthusiasm for the Gopalan, which is absolutely necessary in this direction. A sincere effort is being made to provide sattvik food to the society and for the better health of the society pure desi bilona ghee plays an important role. Desi ghee obtained from desi cow is our speciality and we believe in providing the best ghee to our customers for which we are striking hard. Our brand provides one of the best bilona ghee.

People should keep in mind that in this region, the cows easily tolerate the temperature ranging upto 48 degrees, and all the cows here take their food while roaming in the huge grasslands called Gauchar, the entire area is far away from chemical fertilizers , so the pastures here are completely organic and medicinal. Therefore the cow products obtained from this area is of, high quality and healthy.

Gau is a spiritual word which defines the existence of God in this kalyug world. We at Gavyratan believe in serving Gau as our mother . The word mother is associated with pride in indian culture. Gau mata is our mother and we try to potray the best use of our gau mata's pure milk by manufacturing the best bilona ghee and the purest ghee of all.

Let’s bring Gau Mata back to our hearts and our lives. The place Gau Mata held in our lives was more than that of a family member. She was regarded as a mother nurturing and nourishing her sons and daughters with milk and other dairy products such as pure ghee and others protecting them from diseases.

Our beloved mother is now forgotten and forced out of the house, left to feed at garbage bins. Time has come to bring her back and to display respect for her as a nation by declaring her as ‘Rashtra Mata’ which she always has been.

Seva of Gau mata has always been coined as PUNYA in indian culture because serving mother selflessly not only brings happiness and positivity but also keeps us acquainted with their blessings.

Why Gavyratan

Ever wondered how many breeds of cows exist and if so many. Which milk is the best one ?

We got a solution to your question !!

A2 milk is the best processed milk in today's market which is rich in every form.We use A2 milk for making dairy products such as desi cow bilona ghee and many more at Gavyratan.

Ghee made from A2 milk is considered as GAVYAMRUT GAU+AMRIT which is the leading seller in these immunity building times.Pure ghee made from A2 milk not only increases strength but also boosts the memory power of children and helps them in studies as well.

So choose Gavyratan The Ghee of India

So choose Gavyratan The Ghee of India

सुरक्षित गोपालन स्वस्थ तन । हम नित्य अपनाये गव्यरतन ।।।