Refund/Replacement Policy

  • 1). An order placed and confirmed cannot be cancelled.
  • 2). You are entitled to a 100% replacement of order in case You received something else than what you ordered or Your order reached you in a distorted manner. If Your order includes multiple items, partial replacement of the required items is also possible. If purchase of the Product is made under a special promotional offer or any special scheme, special rules shall apply for replacement.
  • 3). Replacement process must be initiated within 24 hours from the time of receipt of order by the User.
  • 4). The Product must be in an unused state before seeking a for a replacement and should be accompanied by a copy of the original receipt or invoice issued at the time of sale of the Product.
  • 5). Any request for replacement will be accepted only after inspection of the Product.
  • 6). Once the replacement request is placed with the customer service, the company will arrange for a pickup of the Product from the address or arrange a proper solution for the query within 6 working days.
  • 7). Once the Product is received, it takes about 1 working day for inspection team to confirm on the replacement.
  • 8). On confirmation of the genuine need for replacement of the Product, we shall replace the desired Product with the User in 5 working days.